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The department taught the following courses:

- Programming 
- Database and Information Systems
- Discrete Mathematics
- Theory of Pattern Recognition
- Data Protection
- Microprocessor and Systems
- Theory of the automated control
- Automated management of tech sys

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General Information

Computer Science Department trains bachelors and masters in the field:

  • "Informatics"
  • "Information technologies"
  • "Computerized Management System"

and exercise training (second higher education) specialists in computer science.

The structure of the Computer Science Department  include: Computer Section, Information Technologies, Computer systems management, teaching and consulting center, research laboratory of intelligent systems and distance education, training centers CISCO, MICROSOFT, NETCRACKER, 1C.

Computer Science Department trains bachelors and masters in English.

The department employs three doctors: Dovbysh AS, Kalashnikov VV, Lavrov EA

Students in the specialise "Computer Science" get over the learning Input-output continuous training modern programming technologies. In addition, gain knowledge of analysis and synthesis of intelligent systems for various purposes, including capable for self-learning, information security, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks, Web-design and more.

Students of "Information Technologies" receive training in the development of information and software systems computer design for different purposes.

Students of "Computerized Management System" receive training in control systems analysis and synthesis of  various  processes objects.

Department collaborates with leading international companies: Siemens (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), Emersson (USA), Metran (Russia) in training specialists on the basis of means of automatization and networking produced by these companies.

Computer Science Control Center

Dovbysh Anatoliy

Head of  the Department
Dovbysh Anatoliy
Sc.D, Professor

Information analysis and synthesis of intelligent systems that learn (self-learn)

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Tel.: +38 (0542) 687754

Dmytro V. Velykodnyi

Head  of the section "Informatics"
CDmytro V. Velykodnyi
Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) in Phisics of devices, elements and systems (Sumy State University, Ukraine);


Head of the Section "Information Technologies of Design"
Bondar Oleksandr
Ph.D., Associate Professor

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Tel.: +38 (0542) 780799

Head of the section "Computerized management systems"
Chervyakov Vladimir
Ph.D., Associate Professor

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Tel.: +38 (0542) 333458

Scientific research

The Department carried out research work in the following areas:

  • analysis and synthesis of able to learn (self-learn) intelligent control systems of weakly formalized processes (supervisor, Professor A. Dovbysh);
  • algorithms and information technology tools of learning management analysis and synthesis (supervisor, Ph.D., associate professor V.Lyubchak);
  • mathematical and computational models in economics (supervisor Member of the American Mathematical Society, Sc.D., Professor V. Kalashnikov);
  • research and development of computer-aided design of power machinery, introduction of information technologies in the traditional engineering design products and work with energy conservation in various sectors (supervisor Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Nenya)
  • synthesis methodology of the object oriented management systems (scientific advisor, Ph.D., docent, V.D. Chervyakov);
  • technical aids of the air power complexes, supported by two patents (scientific advisor, Ph.D., docent, U.F. Samedov);
  • measurement instruments of the technological systems (scientific advisor, Ph.D., docent, G.I. Voichenko)

The major disciplines of the "Computer Science" specialty:

  • Programming
  • Software
  • The basics of internet
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Databases and information systems
  • Data analysis
  • Theory of algorithms and mathematical logic
  • Operating systems
  • Software development information systems
  • Systems theory and mathematical modeling
  • System programming
  • Computer networks
  • Intelligent systems
  • Systems and methods of making decision
  • 3D graphics and computer animation
  • Methodology and techniques of computer design
  • Web-programming and Web-design
  • Fundamentals of intelligent systems design
  • Pattern recognition theory

The major disciplines of the " Computerized management systems " specialty:

• Special topics of the math
• Major introduction
• Operations research
• Computer graphics
• Computers
• Theory of the automated control
• Information theory
• Basics of the information collection, transmission and processing
• Programming systems
• Data systems and networks
• Operation and management of telecommunication networks
• Controls and automation systems
• Electronics and microcircuitry
• Microprocessor and Systems
• Software management systems
• Devices and control systems designing
• Local area networks
• Local automation systems
• The theory of nonlinear and digital control systems
• Automated management of technical systems
• Electromechanical systems of automatic control and electric
• Optimal and adaptive systems
• Automated process control
• Basic research
• Operation and administration of computerized telecommunications networks
• Process measurement and control in automation systems

The major disciplines of the "Information Technologies" specialty:

  • Engineering and Computer Graphics
  • Basics of the  programming and algorithmic languages
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Information design principles
  • Basics of the databases and knowledge
  • Methods and means of computer information technology
  • Fundamentals of CAD
  • Programming and software technology
  • Simulation systems
  • Computer networks
  • Privacy policy
  • Geometric modeling in CAD
  • Systems analysis and design of computer information systems
  • Web-programming
  • Development of computer design systems
  • IT projects managing
  • Computer design systems